Light Switch

by Share-a-tories



Album: New Forms of Violence
Label: Soft Eyes (SE-002)
Recorded: April-September 2014 @ The Black Lodge in Columbus, OH


times i wonder
could i ever feel love?
times i wonder
how can i be feeling?
times i wonder is this just cause i’m healing?
time i wonder is it always different?

I read every page
you misread every time scanning
last word of the daze
this ends the same way always

eyes closed either way
in motion or permanent dreaming
i’ll build my place
underground the dead are teaming

there is still no question
the dead walk
but what is living
countdown the days
till void begins its giving

times i wonder
can we share the suffering
times i wonder
the proximity of empathy
times i wonder
do you really know how
time i wonder
if it does the choosing for you


released May 8, 2015
Recorded/Performed by Andrew Morehart
Mixed by Bradley Will, Andrew Morehart
Mastered by Bradley WIll



all rights reserved


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